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Great Gym Software

The Benefits of Gym Membership Software

It is important in controlling the right to entry. Members of the gym are supplied with the swipe cards that are registered by the software that they use while entering. They are going to enter according to their membership time and once their membership expires the swipe card will not operate not unless they renew their membership again. It is also important in reminding the members about their outstanding payments and due dates. The system is also capable of tracking the members working hours and attendance of the staff.



This software can also be used in managing clients. This software has the capacity to keep the records of their attendance, asses their fitness, communicate with customers and keep track about them. Members can also be fixed at your and his/her convenient time. The health club software will also record if nay client upgrades from one session to another and also from one location to the next is also recorded. This will give you easy time in dealing with your clients as everything is made simple.



It can also take care of the billing. The billing here entails a lot of things. They include; generating bills, tracking commission of your employees, diverging payment modes, finding the deposit that has been made in the bank and any other payment related issues. This is a hectic work that can consume a lot of time if you are doing it manually. Apart from that the software can also be used in making payrolls for your employees with ease. As a result you will save a lot of time since the software is faster.



The software can also be used to produce reports. The reports are of different kinds and natures and they are used for different purposes. These reports will help you execute different tasks involving the management. You can produce reports like staff attendance, member regularity report, market reports, conversion and sales analysis reports and many other reports required for gym management purposes. This will also helps you in identifying some areas of weakness and make changes.



Another benefit is that you can use it in fixing appointments. The software has the ability to fix appointments with clients, plan working hours for your employees, manage the conditions of appointments, and keep records of returning customers and other functions as well. In cases of appointments you can send reminder emails and texts automatically using the gym card scanning system. This will help you in managing time and making work easier too.